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CR Reader vs. DR Panel: Meet the Team [VIDEO]

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We have conversations every day with people who are thinking about phasing out their CR reader and replacing it with a DR panel. Each person we talk to has their own unique set of budget constraints and some, understandably, opt to try and squeeze a few more years out of their CR before taking the leap into an upgrade. In those cases, we ask them to consider this: your CR reader may be bought and paid for, but if you've put off upgrading your X-ray equipment, don't forget the ongoing costs you're still paying.

The video below illustrates just this point. Fresh from their last feature, Race Against the Clock, CR and DR are back to introduce you to the "team members" that work alongside them to make X-ray imaging more efficient. What they find out is that there isn't always strength in numbers.

CR vs. DR: Meet the Team

CR vs. DR: Meet the Team

The Takeaway

While there are certainly up-front costs involved in upgrading from CR to DR, once those are covered, upkeep costs are negligible by comparison. What's more, the increases in efficiency that a DR upgrade provides dramatically shorten the amount of time it takes to pay for itself and begin generating your ROI.

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