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Control-X C400 vs. GE Discovery 656

Control-X C400 vs. GE Discovery 656

So, you're looking for high-quality, hospital-grade X-ray equipment; a rad room that can handle it all and keep your workflow optimized for maximum patient traffic. A search like that will turn up a wide variety of options. Some of them will come from familiar names like GE, while others will come from brands you might not know yet, like Control-X.

There's certainly something to be said for knowing what to expect, but before you default to the name you know, we encourage you to explore a little further and see how their systems really stack up against competitors that might be new to you. There could be a chance for you to find an even better fit for your budget, and your needs.

Control-X C400, GE Discovery 656 Compared


Both the C400 and the Discovery 656 offer the auto-tracking feature. That is, with either system, the table or chest stand can be synced to automatically move in tandem with the tube as the operator repositions it. This allows users to maintain the same source-to-image distance, even when taking shots that require moving the tube.


Both the C400 and the Discovery 656 also have the auto-positioning feature. The tube suspension and table top of either model can be programmed to automatically move between cases to the position needed for the following case. This is a time-saving measure that helps streamline workflow.


Another feature the C400 and the 656 share is auto-stitching. This software feature automatically joins images taken over multiple exposures to create seamless images of anatomy too large for a single exposure, such as a full spine or leg.

Dose Reduction

Both the C400 and the Discovery 656 offer dose reduction features. The generator of both models is fully integrated with the detector, allowing for more precise control over radiation dose.


GE is well-known for a strong service support presence and widely available replacement parts. This is especially true for those who have explored third party parts suppliers. Control-X, on the other hand, while based in Europe, is still developing their presence in the US.

At this point GE has an advantage, but Control-X is building relationships with US distributors (like Block Imaging) who also have nationwide service networks and Control-X parts on hand in their warehouses. As these relationships grow, parts and service access will grow alongside them.


Both new and refurbished Discovery 656 systems are available. A new one will cost $190,000 - $200,000, while a refurbished one, with installation and a 1-year warranty, will cost around $150,000 or $160,000.

The C400 is a more recent model and isn't found on the secondary market yet. A new C400 costs around $150,000. This is a key advantage. While it has many of the same performance and workflow features, a brand-new C400 costs roughly the same as a refurbished Discovery 656 system.

The Takeaway

Whether you choose a C400 or a Discovery 656, your facility will be able to accommodate any type of scan. You'll also be able to streamline your workflow for a high level of patient traffic.

The real difference will come through in two places:

1. Upfront cost: The cost level of a new C400, being the same as the price of a refurbished 656, gives you the added value of being the first owner of a brand-new system, without the full brunt of the major OEM price tag.

2. Ongoing service: Choosing a "household" name like GE will give you the flexibility to choose parts and service from a number of providers, OEM and third-party alike. If you opt for a new Control-X system, your most likely point of access for parts and service will be a distributor. As a Control-X distributor ourselves, we're comfortable standing behind the product with our network of engineering talent and in-house parts inventory, but we can't say Control-X parts have the same ubiquity as GE parts.

Whichever way you may be leaning as you weigh your options, we're ready to help! Feel free to reach out with your questions about equipment, pricing, service, or parts.

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