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Capital Equipment Budget Cuts: Is PET/CT off the Menu?

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If this year’s capital equipment budget originally included money for a new PET/CT system (likely $1,000,000 or more), but some of those dollars disappeared amid last year’s wild ride, you might think you have to hit the brakes on the idea and hope for another opportunity down the road. We’d like to suggest a different approach: how about a refurbished unit?

If you’ve never considered it, here are a few reasons why refurbished PET/CT equipment could be a good fit for your needs, right now.

Four Ways Refurbished PET/CT Cuts Cost Without Cutting Quality

Cost and ROI

You probably already know this, but- refurbished things cost less than new things! PET/CT scanners are no exception. Here’s an example: a Siemens 64 -slice PET/CT that sold new for 1.6 million dollars can be refurbished, delivered, and installed for less than 30% of that cost. What’s more, choosing a preowned system will start bringing in your ROI much faster because reimbursements are the same, whether your PET/CT cost 1.6 million dollars, or 500,000 dollars.

Technology Level

A refurbished PET/CT might have a few years under its belt, but that doesn’t mean its technology is stuck in the past. Modern software and hardware advancements like Time of Flight, 3D iterative reconstruction, dose reduction, and artifact removal are all available on systems you can find on the secondary market. 

Reliability and Ongoing Maintenance

There are a number of refurbished equipment providers who stand behind the equipment they sell with a variety of warranties. Block Imaging, for example, offers year-long warranties as well as multi-year service and maintenance contracts that cover all your parts and labor. Long after the initial sale, our team maintains and services equipment to OEM specifications. We have Siemens and GE-trained engineers on staff, and all FDA-mandated updates to software and hardware are provided at no additional cost under contract. Coupled with the fact that our service contracts generally save 20-30% off OEM contracts, the cost of ownership for your PET/CT goes down even further.


Looks might not be the most important consideration for medical equipment, but experience has proven that patients feel more comfortable being scanned on equipment that looks attractive. A quality refurbishment process not only ensures mechanical functionality and calibrated image clarity, but also a clean, like-new exterior. The Block Imaging process includes cosmetic repairs and a fresh paint job, matched to the original color scheme of the system. This visually assures patients that the equipment is on par with all the other elements of your facility’s standard of care.

The Takeaway

More so than many others, medical imaging is a field subject to plenty of ups and downs. But, even if your current circumstances don’t have you on the course you expected, there’s no need to put all of your capital equipment plans on hold. A refurbished PET/CT can get you where you need to go on all fronts, from acquisition cost, to leading software, to reliable maintenance for the full system lifecycle. If you’re interested in learning more, you can continue reading in our free PET/CT Buyer’s Guide, or contact our team to start a conversation today.

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