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C-Arm Service Cost Price Info

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Whether you're a veteran, a rookie, or still shopping, if you plan to use a C-arm, you also have to plan for is how you're going to keep it up and running consistently. For maximum uptime, you'll need to arrange a service agreement. But how much should you expect to spend for that agreement? We're here to help you build a realistic budget by revealing some average price ranges you’re likely to find as you shop around for C-arm service coverage (see the table at the end).

Before we get to the numbers, we want to explain what is considered when service contract quotes are being built. This is important because what you will actually pay for service depends on these factors. 

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What Affects C-Arm Service Pricing?               

Age of system: Generally the older the unit, the cheaper it is to service. Parts become more available as a system ages and more engineers gain experience on the platform.

On the other hand, there is also a point where a system gets old enough for parts to become scarce. This is a rare scenario, however. Even systems no longer supported by manufacturers can be supported by secondary market parts and third party service. For parts and service to disappear altogether, a facility would need to stick with a system for an unusually long time. 

Location: A scanner in a remote location will cost more to service. The provider will consider their engineer’s lodging, rental cars, fuel, plane tickets, etc. as they build a quote. The closer the engineer, the lower the travel expenses, the lower the cost of the agreement.

Parts: This is an area of concern for any service provider. Parts inevitably fail and need replacement. If a part is hard to find, you can bet it is more expensive to buy. Take the tube, for example. Some tubes are only available from the OEM. This is generally the most expensive source for parts. If the equipment you use has a strong likelihood of incurring that kind of cost, the service provider will factor it into the final number.

Coverage Options: Just like any service plan, warranty, or insurance- the more coverage you get, the higher the price. For more information on the types of coverage you'll find as you shop for service, you can visit our Service Options page.

Make & Model: Some systems are easier to service than others. This ease lowers service pricing. For example: OEC C-arms are typically less expensive to service in the USA because parts are more readily available. Plus, because there are so many OEC units out there, there are more engineers to service the equipment.

Multiple Systems & Multiple Years: Expect to get lower service costs per system if you buy for multiple C-arms at the same time. Similarly, adding more years to a service contract often yields a lower payment per year.

What’s the Bottom Line?

With the factors above in mind, here is an idea of what you can expect in C-arm service prices. Please note that these numbers reflect average costs for full service coverage, which includes preventative maintenance, parts, labor, and engineer travel expenses:

 System Type

Average Block Imaging Cost/Year

Average OEM Cost/Year


$6,750 - $8,950

$7,495 - $10,040


$7,150 - $10,450

$8,580 - $13,040


$10,350 - $10,950

$12,420 - $13,140


$7,150 - $11,750

$10,580 - $18,250

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