C-Arm Price Guide

Typical price ranges on C-arms for all medical specialties, from pain management to neurovascular studies.


Basic C-Arm Scanning

$25k - $45k

OEC 9600

Philips Pulsera (gen. 1)

Siemens Arcadis Orbic

Siemens Arcadis Varic

Genoray Zen 7000


Our Most Popular Options

$45k - $65k

OEC 9800

Philips Pulsera (gen. 2)

Siemens Cios Select

Ziehm Solo


Late-Model and FD


OEC 9900


Philips Veradius

Siemens Cios Alpha

Siemens Cios Fusion


Which Tier Is Right for You?

Choosing the best C-arm for your needs depends on your unique situation; What kind of work will you do? What is your budget? Do you need the latest tech? This short video clip breaks down typical pricing tiers to help you navigate the selection of your next C-arm solution.


Average Cost for Refurbished C-Arms

C-Arms from OEC, Philips, & Siemens

Cost is one of the first topics that comes up in any C-arm purchase conversation. There are lots of variables at play including, but not limited to:

• Software package
• System age
• II vs. detector

These make nailing down a specific number complicated, but the price ranges listed here will help you form a rough idea of what to expect as you approach the C-arm market.

Don't forget that the cost of your C-arm itself is only a part of your total project budget. There are a few other costs you'll have to consider in accessories, safety equipment, compliance, and maintenance. Access our free C-arm Buyer's Guide to learn more about budgeting for those costs. And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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