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Body Composition Scanning with DEXA [VIDEO]

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Since its inception in the 1990's, DEXA equipment has been used to monitor the onset and progression of osteoporosis and to assess fracture risk.This is, however, just one of the areas in which DEXA machines can be useful for health professionals and patients alike. More and more, professionals in the personal training and fitness/wellness coaching arena are choosing DEXA for body comp scanning because of its accuracy and depth of detail over other methods like skinfold calipers, circumference measurement, and bioelectric impedance.

Watch the video below to see:

DEXA Machines for Body Composition Scanning


The Takeaway

With DEXA equipment, personal trainers and wellness coaches have a more reliable and accurate solution for providing their clients with detailed data that can inform their diet and fitness decisions as well as motivate them through progress tracking.

If body composition scanning is a service you're interested in providing at your facility, your next step is to learn more. You can do that by contacting us or using the button below to download our free eguide on body composition scanning with DEXA systems.

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