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Block Imaging's Top Takeaways from RSNA 2017

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Year after year, RSNA proves to be one of the most invaluable annual gatherings for both radiologists and those of us in the imaging equipment industry. This year's gathering was no exception, bringing us fantastic opportunity to meet and consult with partners, share our capabilities with new contacts, and to build an understanding of the drive and direction of the imaging field for the year to come. 

The last point above is what we're particularly excited to share with you about. The following are things our team noted on the floor and in conversation that we believe will figure heavily in all aspects of medical imaging in 2018.


There were notable consolidations in both the OEM and third-party spheres this year. Canon and Toshiba combined booths under a single banner in the exhibition hall while the purchase of BC Technical by Alphasource was a hot topic of discussion among service and parts providers.

We see this trend of consolidation continuing as compliance and regulatory requirements grow in an increasingly complex technical space. The most likely candidates are service companies looking to expand their service portfolio and coverage area. Our prediction is a market of fewer vendors, but each with more extensive capabilities.


In the midst of all the consolidation, turnkey refurbishment vendors continue to maintain a strong presence on the floor. Some of the more notable booths included:

  • Nationwide
  • Southwest Medical
  • Oxford
  • Agito
  • GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba pre-owned offerings 

This is clearly a result of an increased demand for refurbished products and services. Because of this demand, we anticipate a more competitive new year, but also a new year that will present opportunity for increasingly creative partnerships among refurbishment, parts, and service providers. 

Mobile Imaging

There was also a significant mobile presence from both trailer and mobile rental companies. At least five trailers were present for walkthroughs of CT, MRI, and digital mammography suites. Numerous rental companies were present on the exhibition floor from Shared Imaging to Insight. Demand continues to grow for both interim mobile rentals and long term placement of imaging equipment for a whole host of reasons. Look for an increasing number of systems being installed in trailers as providers beef up their inventory to meet this demand.

The Year Ahead

As is always the case, the radiology marketplace is ever-changing. This is precisely why gathering with our peers periodically is so valuable. We need one another's insights to make informed plans about how we can best serve the imaging field in the seasons to come.

Local imaging conventions such as JIRA, MEDICA, Arab Health and ECR have certainly impacted RSNA overall attendance, and yet it remains THE North American exhibition for all things medical imaging. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago next November for RSNA 2018!