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Block Imaging, Neusoft Medical Launch Expanding CT Partnership

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Block Imaging is pleased to announce an expansion in their partnership with Neusoft Medical Systems USA. In the coming months, Block and Neusoft will deliver and install the first of seven NeuViz CT scanners bound for  locations of Crucial Care, a growing acute stroke care provider based in Florida. The partnership combines Neusoft’s workhorse technology with Block Imaging’s responsive, US-based engineering and customer support team. As more Neusoft scanners begin scanning, Block will match the growth with additional field service engineers to support the increased demand expected through 2021 and beyond. Together, Block and Neusoft look forward to bringing Crucial Care and their patients unparalleled reliability, value, and customer experience.

When asked how they believe the new installations will enhance care in the communities around their facilities, a Crucial Care representative said,

“Neusoft is highly reliable. Our patients can come in for care and have confidence the equipment is functional and will produce a quality result. Providers have the same confidence, which leads to a decrease in inappropriate admits to the hospital… and more accurate treatment plans.”

Block Imaging Parts and Service President, Jason Crawford expressed his excitement saying,

"It's a privilege to support a unique customer like Crucial Care with just the right technology for their patients. Crucial Care serves their community with innovative outpatient emergency room capabilities. This means their technology must always be ready, with a high importance on uptime. The combination of Neusoft CTs and Block Imaging service excellence will provide outstanding performance for patients in their moment of urgent need."

With installations beginning soon and continuing across Florida throughout 2021, Block Imaging, Neusoft Medical Systems USA, and Crucial Care look forward to setting a new, higher bar in acute stroke care in the region.