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Block Imaging Acquires Varex’s RHIT Operation

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Block Imaging is expanding technical capabilities to serve imaging parts and service customers!

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Reliable Healthcare Imaging Technology (RHIT) operation from Varex Imaging Corporation. Located in Rancho Cordova, California, RHIT is a state-of-the-art X-ray tube and HV tank repair and reprocessing facility. The 17,000 square foot RHIT facility is equipped with 20+ staging bays utilized for parts validation and repair procedures. 

The acquisition of the technology at RHIT is part of an ongoing strategic expansion of technical capabilities to serve parts and service customers, creating more affordable and high-quality parts replacement options for clinics, hospitals, and service companies around the world. 

"The healthcare community is looking to service providers for creative solutions to stretch dollars and bring about added speed and efficiency, while simultaneously improving quality at every turn.  This acquisition and expansion will be another step Block Imaging is taking to carry forward our mission to provide a second chance at life for imaging equipment, so that healthcare professionals can provide a second chance at life for people."  

Jason Crawford, Block Imaging President

The Block Imaging team will carry forward the quality pre-owned x-ray tube and HV tank repairs that parts buyers have relied on RHIT for in recent years.  Existing parts and service customers on the west coast and in the southwest will benefit from faster shipping turnarounds and increased parts availability, as RHIT's facility will offer a depot for not only tubes and tanks but other imaging parts as well.