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Bill Redd
Engineering Manager


Hello, I'm Bill Redd, Engineering Manager for Block Imaging Parts & Service. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about who we are. I can assure you “People Matter” is more than a motto, it’s the way we do business.

Fun Facts…

- Graduating from Marine Corps boot camp is one of my proudest moments. Serving in the military has allowed me to celebrate birthdays in such exotic locales as Norway and Iraq. I’ve also seen honor, courage, and commitment lived out by those with whom I served. All gave some, some gave all.

- I had the privilege of knowing Bruce Block before he started this company. He was a rock steady first baseman and great competitor on our church softball team. He is one of a few men from that team (along with Dave Wilson, Steve Andrews, and my dad) I looked up to growing up.

- My wife loves football. We went to Monday Night Football on our honeymoon to watch Kurt Warner beat the Atlanta Falcons. For our ten year anniversary we went to a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau field. It was October, so no frozen tundra, but it did rain.

- I root for the Spartans when they are not playing the Wolverines. This makes most Spartan and Wolverine fans cringe. It is important to remember it’s just a game. Both institutions are committed to excellence and most of the time they keep it classy.

- Like most Lions fans I have alternate football teams to root for in the post season - Bears, Broncos, Chargers, or Packers depending on the year.

How I spend my time…

- Cheering for Luke or Abby at their sporting events.

- Playing catch or basketball with Luke.

- Reading or dancing with Abby.

- Travelling with my family.

- Watching TV with my wife. We only watch two shows: NCIS LA & This is Us – yes I cry.

- Date nights.

See below for a few of my favorite songs:

Every Table is An Altar
Always With Me, Always With You
You Send Me

Faithful is He…

  • Bill Redd's Family
  • Bill's daughter rainbow hands
  • Bill's son fishing
  • Beautiful Sunrise
  • magnificent sunrise
  • Bill in Iraq Serving
  • At the Packer's game
  • Bill's daughter softball
  • Bill's son at Lansing Lugnuts
  • 'The mountains are calling sign'
  • UofM Stadium - largest crowd ever

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