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Siemens Mammomat Novation Detector Error Codes? Try These Steps

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If you’re a Siemens Mammomat Novation owner and you're looking at this article, the odds are good that you’ve recently seen one of the lovely communication errors pictured below. 

"The connection to the Mammomat is down. Please check the cables. Patient registration and image acquisition is not possible until the problem is solved"

"The connection to the Detector is down. Please check the cables and restart the system. Patient registration and image acquisition is not possible until the problem is solved."


These errors are both leading indicators that you have a failing digital detector installed on your system and that you’ll need to order a new one. However, neither of these errors is a definitive diagnosis that all your communication problems stem from the detector.


If you have these Siemens Mammomat Novation error codes:

Detector Connection Error

Mammomat Connection Error







Try these steps:

Before you spend time and money you don’t need to, follow the steps below to ensure that your initial diagnosis is accurate once your new detector arrives.

  • Turn your new detector upside-down
  • Place the new detector on top of the carbon fiber detector cover
  • Disconnect the detector cable from the existing detector and connect it to the new one
  • Load your system’s MAP files (2:00-8:25 in the video below)
  • Reboot your system and check for recurring errors

If your system reboots error-free after the steps above, then you’ve confirmed your initial diagnosis of detector failure and you can proceed with swapping out the old for the new. If the problem continues, there’s a good chance there’s another issue at play.

If you’ve confirmed your diagnosis and would like to see step-by-step instructions to complete your own digital mammo detector swap, watch the video below for the whole process as well as tips and tricks to make it easier. 


How to Change a Mammomat Novation Detector


If your diagnosis was not confirmed and you suspect another problem, feel free to contact us for help.

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