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MRI Scanner Boot-up Issues? Try This

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Every so often our service team has the opportunity to solve a customer’s imaging equipment issues over the phone. When this happens, the site’s downtime is about as minimal as it gets. Since maximum equipment uptime is one of our main goals, we want to share such a case with you: an MRI service problem you just might be able to solve yourself. 

Frequently, after thunderstorm activity, MRI systems experience boot-up issues and DICOM image sending problems. This is usually due to storm-related power outages. If the power outage happened after or before business hours, it’s a cause that can be very easy to overlook. 

When this happens, these problems can often be resolved by a comprehensive reset. These steps are far from the end-all-be-all of post-thunderstorm system recovery, but they only take a few minutes to complete and we’ve seen them get a site back in action plenty of times.

How To Resolve A Common MRI Scanner Boot-Up Issue

Step 1- At this point, you may find that the gantry comes up just fine but the workstation remains glitchy. Power the workstation down, disconnect the power cord from the workstation, reconnect it, and try booting up again. This can also help in situations where the workstation won't power up at all.

Step 2- If the issue persists, move on to the circuit breaker for the room. If it’s off- flip it back on. If it’s on- flip it off and then back on. NOTE: before you do this, make sure that none of the equipment in the room is powered up or in the “on position”.

Step 3- If the issue still persists, there are other reset options that may still solve it without requiring an onsite service call. These can be somewhat involved though, and are best handled with expert guidance via phone support.

If you’ve tried steps one and two and are still experiencing trouble with your MRI, contact us. Our engineers can help you through step three for further diagnosis and system repair.

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