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How to Diagnose Boot Up Problems for OEC 9800 C-Arms

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If your OEC 9800 C-arm is not completing the boot up process successfully, there are a number of potential causes. We'll tell you what information to collect to get a diagnosis without an onsite visit from an engineer. 

How to Diagnose OEC 9800 Boot Up Problems 

  • Find a standard VGA monitor. It must have a VGA connector on the back (pictured). When an external monitor is used to diagnose a C-arm, it is commonly called a "debug monitor".
  • Remove the back cover of your workstation to expose the additional connectors.
  • Plug your debug monitor into the blue VGA connector on the back of the workstation and turn on the system. Sometimes there is a small metal cover over the VGA connector that can be removed with a couple of screws.


  • The system will scroll the boot up messages on the debug monitor beginning with the CMOS.
  • Send a picture of where the boot messages stop on the debug monitor to the Block Imaging Service Team and one of our C-arm engineers will be able to help you with a diagnosis. Sometimes, an engineer can even guide you through solving minor problems yourself.

The Takeaway

Once we've helped identify your issue, Block Imaging can also help with replacement parts and field engineering service as needed. Having a diagnosis BEFORE the service engineer travels to your site enables them to arrive with the correct replacement parts in hand. Pre-diagnosis saves time and money.

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