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Why GE Lunar iDXA Bone Densitometer?

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When you stand in front of a GE Lunar iDXA bone densitometer it’s like beholding something George
Jetson might own. The sleek lines and curves are more evocative of a concept car than a bone density machine. It is the best that GE has to offer and, on top of its futuristic looks, it provides a high degree of precision when measuring bone mineral content, fat, and lean mass.


Unique features and improvements that set iDXA apart:

  • Direct-Digital HD Detector with staggered array provides the sharpest image quality
  • Body Composition software not only measures the quantity of body fat but also its distribution
  • Pediatric Application measures lean mass, fat mass, and bone to monitor growth and development in children and can compare against gender-specific reference populations
  • Digital Vertebral Assessment (DVA) includes digital subtraction for removing soft tissue artifacts and features single and dual-energy images with one acquisition
  • Morphometry Wizard automatically labels deformations
  • Clearview Filter enhances images by reducing soft tissue noise and improving bone edge detail
  • ScanCheck alerts technician of improper positioning, unusual anatomy, high density areas and artifacts, and provides suggestions for correction
  • Composer Physician Report provides clear, concise reports for patients, physicians, or referring colleagues


As you might suspect, a machine with these advanced capabilities comes with a similarly advanced price tag. A brand-new iDXA unit from GE can sell for 100-150k (installed, with a warranty) depending on the options that are enabled. Purchasing a used or refurbished iDXA can be an effective way to make this technology more obtainable.

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