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Block Imaging Joins Hawk Island Triathlon: Recap and Photos

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Block Triathlon Team Recap

Over the past several months, 16 members of the Block team have been training for the annual Hawk Island Sprint Triathlon.  For some, this was in preparation for Olympic and half Ironman distance races to be completed later in the year. Others were just trying to get through the swim without holding onto the buoys!

We’re so appreciative that Ben Rice of Canute Medical in Ontario, Canada was able to join and show us what 7 minute miles look like at the end of a race (even passing our own Chris Sharrock in the last ¼ mile for the team win)!

A hearty congratulations to all who participated and a thank you to family, friends, and teammates who cheered us on. 

Check out our recap and photos below for a glimpse of the action:


Team Recap: 

4 miles swam

163 miles biked

50 miles ran

Buckets of fun had


Race Day Photos: