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Benefits of Digital Radiography

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When people contact us about upgrading from analog to digital radiography (DR) they’re usually already aware of the more obvious benefits. Faster scanning, increased patient throughput, and better image quality always seem to come up in the conversation, but there’s also a lot more that can be gained from upgrading. Here are a few additional benefits of DR:


Workflow management

DR eliminates moving and carrying film cassettes around.


Lower overall cost of ownership

The ROI from the improved patient throughput of a DR system is significant significant enough to give it a lower overall cost of ownership than analog.


No chemicals or film processing

This makes DR a more environmentally-friendly option. DR eliminates the recurring cost of processing chemicals and film. It also frees up the time and money involved in disposing of them after they are used.


Multiple storage options

Digital images can be stored using both on-site and off-site PACS.


Digital images are extremely portable

Images captured with a DR unit can be transferred on a CD, on a flash drive, or in an email.


No film

Removing film from the equation frees up space in your facility and eliminates a consumable from your shopping list.


Off-Site Reading

The acquisition speed offered by DR allows off-site doctors the ability to read images almost instantaneously after they are captured.This provides faster diagnosis, response time, and better patient service.

Watch the video below for a bit more about the benefits of digital rad systems:

If you’d like to upgrade your analog X-ray system to digital, we’d love to talk over what’s on the market with you so you can choose the best option for your site. To learn more, use the button below.

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