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Hologic 3D Mammography: Pros and Cons of New FDA-Approved Software

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The News

Hologic announced last week that their C-View breast tomosynthesis software has been approved by the FDA for use in mammography screening. This is good news for Hologic and for the mammography field as a whole, but still comes with some caveats.


The Upside

  • More detailed breast images- Studies of breast tomosynthesis in general have shown fewer false positives and greater detection of actual cancers.
  • Reduces dose- C-View software can create a traditional 2D mammo image from the data acquired during a 3D scan. This eliminates the need for the second scan and second dose generally required to obtain a 2D reference image.
  • Reduces compression time- By eliminating the second scan, C-View also decreases the amount of time a patient needs to undergo breast compression.


The Downside

  • Rarity- 3D tomo units are still very new technology. They’ve only been approved for use in the US since 2011. Because of this, they will remain rare on the secondary market for the time being. However, we expect availability to increase in the next few years.
  • Cost- Like most technologies, the newer ones come with a higher price tag. Additionally, due in large part to the aforementioned rarity of used 3D tomo systems, replacement parts will remain costly and, primarily, available only from the OEM.


The Takeaway

If you are a women’s health facility with a larger budget, C-View software and 3D tomo can offer immediate improvements in the care you offer your patients. If your facility is under tighter constraints, upgrading your equipment stable to include these advancements may still be several years in the future. Regardless of which of these scenarios more closely describes you, you can celebrate alongside Hologic: The advent of 3D breast tomosynthesis is a new bright spot for the future of breast cancer detection.

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