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Cath Lab Parts & Service Costs

Posted by Kenn Dextrom

Jan 9, 2020 12:00:00 AM

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philips-allura-fd10-cath-labAs you do the technical and functional homework on your next cath lab purchasing decision, at some point, you’re more than likely to ask, “How much will this equipment cost me in ongoing maintenance?” That’s a good question to ask, since every cath lab needs preventative maintenance (PM) and, eventually, repairs and component replacements. To that end, we’re ready to offer a good answer at a couple different levels of risk tolerance. 

Read below to get ballpark costs for maintaining your cath lab on either a time and materials basis, or under a comprehensive coverage contract.

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Time and Materials: Parts Costs

If you choose not to purchase parts and labor coverage with your cath lab, you’ll need to source replacement parts from third-party vendors. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the averages for some of the most expensive parts on popular cath lab models: 

Most Expensive GE Innova Parts:

  • Detector: $55,000 - $85,000
  • Tube: $45,000 - $85,000
  • Operator's Console: $12,000 - $20,000
  • Workstation: $12,000 - 17,000

Most Expensive Philips FD 20 Parts:

  • Detector: $55,000 - $90,000
  • Tube: $35,000 - $75,000
  • Operator's Console: $8,000 - 12,000
  • Workstation: $12,000 - 16,000

Most Expensive Philips FD 10 Parts:

On top of these costs will be the time and labor of a field engineer to diagnose the problem, install replacements, and recalibrate the unit. Depending on which model of cath lab you have and which part, if any, needs to be replaced, a single service call can easily be a five-figure ordeal. Of course, with proper PM visits, many component failures can be forestalled or eliminated altogether. If your risk tolerance is high and you feel confident about maintaining a consistent PM schedule, Time and materials service could be an economical pick for your equipment.

Full Service Coverage: Contract Costs

This type of service plan includes replacement parts, engineer labor, and PM visits. It's a better fit for those with low risk tolerance or for those who prefer the one-call convenience of a fully-managed solution.

As you can see by comparing the component costs above to the annual contract costs below, the contract pays for itself with a single detector replacement and can with certain tube types as well. 

If you choose full service coverage, here are the average annual service costs with an independent service organization for popular cath lab models:

GE Innova 2100 IQ: $63,000

GE Innova 3100 IQ: $65,000

GE Innova 4100 IQ: $64,000

Philips Allura XPER FD20: $65,500

Philips Allura XPER FD10: $64,000

The Takeaway

Whether your risk tolerance is on the high end or more on the low, we’re here to help with a variety of service coverage programs and a wide inventory of cath lab parts. Use the button below to tell us about your system and get a customized quote for service coverage.



A Note on Cath Lab Parts & Service:

Written by Kenn Dextrom

author of blog post

Kenn Dextrom is the Interventional Radiology Product Manager at Block Imaging. His aim is to provide clear direction and careful planning to make each customer's project as seamless as possible. Out of the office, he spends most of his time keeping up with his wife and their three energetic sons.

Topics: Cath/Angio, Imaging Equipment Service, Imaging Equipment Parts

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