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4 Ways to Make Selling Used Imaging Equipment Easy

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Selling something as complex and costly as used medical imaging equipment can seem overwhelming, but there are things that can be done to both simplify the process and attract better offers. The four following steps will help:


1. Start with 2

In the search for prospective buyers, select two vendors to begin with. Wasted time, effort, and miscommunication happen when a seller starts out talking to too many buyers. The world has never been smaller and having your equipment offer sent around the globe gives a false impression of supply and, in turn, a diminished market price.


2. Info, Info, Info

Document as much information about your system as you can- system photos, serial tag photos, service records, QA reports, original sales quotations, etc. The more accurate information you have, the better your chances of collecting the strongest offers.


3. The Sniff Test

Once you have some offers in hand, take a moment to make sure the offers make sense. If two offers you receive are extraordinarily distant from one another (ie. $30,000 and $115,000), ask questions or pursue a third offer to find out why one is particularly low (or even high).  It's also key to make sure the offers are apples to apples and ask the following question, “Is your purchase contingent on a subsequent sale?”  If this is the case, it's important to know there's some additional risk of delay or cancellation due to another party or transaction.



Once you’ve established a comfort level with the company you've chosen to work with and the price and details associated with the transaction, go for it!  A timely decision ensures that you solidify the sale and start the path to a smooth deinstallation and removal. Waffling is best left for the breakfast table (Though I do love waffles!!).

If you're curious to learn more about selling your used imaging equipment, we can help you learn more about the process. Click the button below to get started.

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