DEXA Bone Densitometer Price Guide

Typical price ranges on general purpose DEXA & systems with advanced features like visceral fat detection & atypical fracture assessment.


Economy DEXA Scanning

$16k - $21k

Early GE Prodigy Series

GE DPX Series

Hologic Discovery Series


Our Most Popular Options

$22k - $28k

Later GE Prodigy Series

Later Hologic Discovery Series

Early Hologic Horizon Series


Advanced OS and Features

$30k - $45k

Latest GE Prodigy Series


Hologic Horizons A and W


Average Cost for Refurbished DEXA Systems

DEXA Equipment from GE & Hologic

As you browse the DEXA pricing chart above, keep in mind that there are two big factors driving prices in DEXA equipment right now.

• Which operating system is installed on the system (typically Windows XP or Windows 7)

• Which software features are enabled on the system (visceral fat assessment, atypical fracture detection, etc.)

Entry-level systems are more likely to run Windows XP and have basic software features enabled. Premium systems are more likely to run Windows 7 and include a broader range of capabilities from later software developments.

GE iDXA top heavy

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