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How to Recycle Your Used Bone Densitometer

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With all the waste that goes on in the world, there's never a bad time to talk recycling, right? But there's no way you're gonna fit that old bone density unit into your curbside bin.

So, what are the most responsible ways to unload your bone densitometer?

How to Dispose of a DEXA Bone Densitometer

When it comes time to part ways with your DEXA system, there are two main ways to get it out of your hair:


If you have a DEXA system made before 2005, you're not likely to get much resale or parts value. Your best option might be to contact a scrapping company. Many scrap metal companies offer pickup service and will truck the system away for recycling. Just be sure to warn the scrappers if your system has oil in its HV tank. Who knows: your kids might one day play on a slide that used to be a bone dense!


If you have a unit made in 2005 or later, there's a better chance that it has real value for patient use at another facility or as a parts system. The most commonly requested bone density units on the secondary market come from GE and Hologic. Click here for the going rates on some popular makes/models.

Prospective buyers will be interested to know what bells and whistles your unit has. To help maximize the chances of selling your unit for reuse, check out the blogs below for tips on how to present your system.

If you're removing a system from your facility or looking for an upgrade, we'd love to talk with you about how we can help. Use the button below to tell us a bit about your system and your plans.

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