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Pain Management Clinic Image Transfer Options

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For anyone exploring the purchase of an analog pain management C-arm, one concern you'll need to address is image transferrability. Analog models don't come with the same networking features as their younger digital successors and all those shots aren't going to send themselves to your PACS server.

What, then, is to be done if there's no room in your C-arm budget for a late model system? Don’t worry- there are options available that will work with an analog C-arm.

The following are just a few C-arm accessory devices that offer solutions for image transfer and review.




Some C-arm models (ex. OEC 9800) have DICOM capabilities built into them. For those that don’t, a DICOM box can convert images to a universal, transferrable format and send them to
a site’s network for storage and review.



The TIMS DICOM system is a device that records imaging studies in high-resolution, DICOM video format and sends them to PACS for permanent archiving. It also allows immediate playback so the results of studies can be reviewed and discussed with the patient.



medicaptureMediCapture devices offer image portability in a USB flash drive format. The MediCapture records images to a flash drive that can be plugged into a PC for viewing or post-processing. Depending on your needs, MediCapture devices are available for still images, video, and high-definition video.


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