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How to Choose the Best Imaging Manufacturer for Your Facility

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Trying to decide on which medical imaging manufacturer and equipment model is best for your facility? These three factors can help you decide:

Staff Comfort

As with the purchase of any kind of equipment, there will always be a certain adjustment period for those that will be using it. In the case of medical imaging equipment, the time and money involved in training and familiarizing your staff with a new system can be reduced greatly by the choice of an operating system they’ve used before.

Service Support Proximity

Having options is a powerful thing when you’re considering service agreements or need to get your system up and running in a jiffy. Are there third-party engineers near your site? Which manufacturers’ products do they have training and experience with?

Parts Availability

The availability of parts is crucial to both driving down service cost and maximizing system uptime. Depending on the modality you’re shopping for, parts from some manufacturers are easier to find than others. Harder-to-find parts frequently translate into higher costs and longer waits.

What If I Don’t Have a Preference?

Just ask an expert. Our team has bought and sold hundreds of systems over the years.  We’re happy to ask questions, present recommendations or even connect you directly with customers who have had various experiences with different makes and models.

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