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Digital Cath Lab Equipment Price Guide

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When folks contact us to begin their inquiries into equipment for catheterization or angiography work, generally, the first question they ask is: "How much does digital cath lab equipment cost?" 

It's a big question, with some big variables at play but, to help those of you on the market begin to build some budget expectations, our cath lab experts have compiled average 2020 pricing for five of the most popular digital cath lab models on the secondary market.

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Cath Lab Price Cost Guide [2020]

How Much Does A Cath Lab Cost? [2020 Price Guide]

The Price Range:

Presently, the five most popular refurbished models occupy a price range between $215,000- $450,000 installed, with a 1-year parts and labor warranty. These models include:

• Philips FD10: $215,000 - $350,000
• Philips FD20: $245,000 - $450,000

Philips Allura FD10 vs. Allura FD20 Cath/Angio Comparison

• GE Innova 2100: $215,000 - $350,000
• GE Innova 3100: $245,000 - $450,000
• GE Innova 4100: $245,000 - $450,000

GE Innova 2100 vs 3100 vs 4100 Comparison

• GE MacLab Hemodynamic Monitoring Systems: $35,000 - $50,000

The Differential:

The main reasons for price variations are secondary market supply and digital detector size. In the Philips FD series, the detectors are 10 and 20 inches, respectively. The GE Innova series detectors are measured in centimeters and come in at 20cm, 30cm, and 40cm. The age of a given system and of major components like the detector and tube will also be factored in.

Differences in detector size are related primarily to the types of studies a system will be used for. Smaller detectors like the FD10 and the Innova 2100 are optimal for cardiac procedures. If you plan to perform run-offs, ablation techniques, or tumor/vein embolizations, a large detector like the Innova 4100 is preferable.

"Swing Labs":

Both the Philips FD20 and the GE Innova 3100 are considered "swing labs"- that is, digital cath lab equipment that is suitable for both cardiac work and a variety of vascular and neurological applications. 

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