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Imaging Equipment Service: Why Do I Need Coverage?

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If the title of this article is a question you've asked while purchasing medical imaging equipment, we want to share with you 3 reasons why imaging equipment service might be right for your facility.


Parts and Repair

No matter which make, model, or modality you’ve purchased, it will require maintenance or repairs at some point in its lifespan. Even the most advanced medical equipment is still machinery with moving parts and heat-generating electrical components. Until science brings mankind indestructible materials, wear and tear are guaranteed to take their toll on your equipment eventually. In one way or another, this will leave your site in a pinch.

Cost Savings

A service provider can maintain a piece of equipment for less money than an end user. Service providers already have the necessary tools, they have access to replacement parts for lower prices, and they are able to spread the risk of component failure over multiple customers and systems in their service pool. These logistical savings are in addition to the costs a site could have in down time, patient rescheduling, lost reimbursements, and overall stress for their entire imaging team.

Extended System Life

Service coverage prolongs the lifespan of imaging equipment. Regular preventative maintenance (PM) visits keep your system running more efficiently. These scheduled visits are far better for both you and your service provider than unscheduled visits. Prevention costs less for all parties.

As your service engineer comes to know your system better they’ll be able to keep an eye on emerging problems and repair them before they cause down time. Failing parts can be replaced before they damage other parts and before they cause harder-to-diagnose symptoms.


These three reasons are not the only ones that make equipment service a great choice, but hopefully they've shed some light on why you may want to consider building service coverage into your equipment plans. There is a variety of coverage available to accommodate different budgets and levels of risk tolerance. If you're interested in learning more, use the button below to explore some of these programs:

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