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Imaging Equipment Project Management: System Logistics Simplified

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Selection, shipping, site planning, rigging; acquiring a piece of medical imaging equipment is a big process with a lot of big steps! For buyers of any modality, be it CT scanner, cath lab, mammography, X-ray, or MRI, managing all these steps can be simpler with some experienced help.                                                    

A key capability that sets Block Imaging apart from many of our competitors is our in-house Project Management (PM) Team. After thousands of equipment projects, we've learned a few things about best practices for moving sensitive imaging equipment.

Partnering with an equipment vendor that has a dedicated logistics team brings buyers advantages in all of the following:

Site Planning

Proper site planning is the very best way to avoid delays in your project timeline. At this stage our PMs:

  • Communicate with your architect
  • Obtain site-specific drawings reflecting HVAC needs, electrical runs, plumbing requirements, etc.
  • Arrange an on-site visit from a qualified engineer

Transportation and Delivery

In many ways, this is the most sensitive step in an imaging equipment project. When your equipment is ready to go on the move, our PMs:

  • Arrange transportation via modality-appropriate methods
  • Confirm proper packaging methods
  • Schedule the installing engineer (and riggers, if needed) to be on site when the equipment arrives to receive it and verify its condition


Our PMs coordinate with qualified engineers to provide the following during the install process:

  • Phase 1- Mechanical installation (assembly, positioning, connection to utilities)
  • Phase 2- Calibration and testing to OEM/FDA standards
  • Completed FDA documentation


After installation, our PMs want to ensure that your questions are answered and that the staff and equipment are prepared to take the next steps to begin scanning. They coordinate:


If you’re about to purchase, sell, or relocate a piece of equipment, contact us with the corresponding button below. Our team would love to learn more about your plans and do whatever we can to help make your project a success.

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