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6 Steps to Sell Your GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer

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If you're looking to sell your GE Lunar Bone Densitometer, there are a few things a prospective buyer is going to want to know. Spending a few minutes taking some digital photos (even with a cell phone) can answer most of the questions they might have.

Here are the important items you can use to generate the most interest in your used bone densitometer:


1. System and Accessories – Shots like these show buyers all the items that will be coming with the unit (workstation, printer, cart, positioners, phantom, manuals, etc.).

DEXA system  Lunar prodigy Phantom


2. Software Disks – Having back-up software is a MUST if you are selling your Lunar Prodigy. There should be an options disk as well as operating software disks.

Prodigy Software Disks Lunar Prodigy Software Options 


3. System Tags - You'll need a photo of the date of manufacture/model number/serial tag (on the back, bottom of the unit). There will also be a serial tag for the x-ray tube somewhere on the c-arm.

Prodigy Serial Tag X-ray Tube Tag


Prodigy QA Test

4. Passed QC Report- A screenshot of a recently “passed” quality control/quality assurance report shows the unit has been properly calibrated and is in good working order. 



5. “About” Tab Screenshot (make/model, software version, features)- This will take several shots like the one below as you scroll down the full list of options.

 Prodigy software options screenshot


6. Free Fair Market Valuation (FMV)- Your FMV will help you in determining your asking price before you start marketing your system in earnest. Block Imaging offers FMVs free of charge. Tell us about your system below and we'll contact you to discuss a price:

Request an Equipment Valuation


With this information, these photographs, and an accurate average asking price in hand, you'll have everything you need to begin the selling process. Ready to get started now? We're always looking for excellent equipment to add to our inventory. Simply use the button below to send us details about your bone densitometer and let the fun begin!


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