Mammography Machine Price Guide

Typical cost ranges for digital mammography systems. Installation and your first year of service coverage are included.


2d Systems

GE Senographe Essential

$60k - $85k

Hologic Selenia

$55k - $80k


3D Systems

GE Essential w/Senoclaire

$85k - $110k

GE Pristina

$140k - $170k

Hologic Dimensions

$175k - $185k

*Pricing for standard system, biopsy-enabled models priced separately


Late-Model 3D

Hologic 3Dimensions HD

$225k - $275k

Fuji Aspire Crystalle

$250k - $270k

*Pricing for standard system, biopsy-enabled models priced separately


Which Tier Is Right for You?

Selecting the best mammography system is different for every facility. Goals, volume, budgets- all the details play a part. Watch this video to learn which pricing tier (Entry Level, Intermediate, or Premium) offers the technology you're looking for.

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Average Cost for Refurbished Mammography Machines

Equipment from GE, Hologic, & Fujifilm

There are several factors that drive pricing among digital mammo systems, including:

• Age of detector

• Market availability

• Software features

Once you cover pricing, you can get more  mammo project details for free in our Mammography Buyer's Guide, from choosing the right equipment, to transport, to parts and service support. If you have more questions as you go, feel free to contact us!



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