2023 Mammography Machine Price Guide

Average cost ranges for Mammography machines in 2023. The cost of delivery, installation, and first-year service coverage is included in the recommended price range for different types of Mammography machines. 



GE Senographe Essential
Hologic Selenia



GE Essential w/ Senoclaire
GE Pristina
Hologic Dimensions
*Pricing for standard system, biopsy-enabled models priced separately




Hologic 3D Dimensions HD
Fuji Aspire Crystalle
*Pricing for standard system, biopsy-enabled models priced separately

A Mammography machine uses x-ray imaging to examine the breast for the early detection of cancer and other breast diseases. A mammography machine has 2 plates that compress or flatten the breast to spread the tissue apart. The machine takes X-rays at low radiation doses.


There are two main uses: screening and diagnostics. A patient may undergo screening if they are not experiencing symptoms or pain. The baseline age for screening according to the American Cancer Society is 40. A diagnostic scan is used to look at a patient's breast if breast symptoms are present or if something unusual is seen on a screening mammogram. This scan may take additional images from different angles. 

In 2D mammography, two X-ray images are taken, one from the top, and a second from the side. In 3D mammography, take multiple pictures of each breast from different angles. 

3D mammography is becoming the standard of care within hospitals, imaging centers, and physician’s offices. 3D mammography has been FDA-approved in the US since 2011. Starting around 2015 more and more insurance companies now pay for these 3D scans because studies show 3D mammography is more accurate than traditional mammography in the early detection of breast cancer. Patients and referring practitioners are now asking for (and expecting) 3D studies, which makes the conversation for upgrading from 2D to 3D a compelling one


Which Mammography Price Tier is Right for You?

Selecting the best Mammo machine is a process that looks different for every facility. Goals, volume, budgets- all the details play a part. Watch this video for a quick breakdown of which pricing tier might offer the capabilities and value you're looking for.




Average Cost for Refurbished Mammography Machines

Equipment from GE, Hologic, & Fujifilm

There are several factors that drive pricing among digital mammo systems, including:

• Age of detector

• Market availability

• Software features

Once you cover pricing, you can get more  mammo project details for free in our Mammography Buyer's Guide, from choosing the right equipment, to transport, to parts and service support. If you have more questions as you go, feel free to contact us!


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