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Rigging Your Cath Lab for Installation

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Rigging in cath lab equipment takes a whole team of people and some serious machine power. Check out this video from a successful GE cath lab rig-in to see one example:



GE LCA Plus Cath Lab Rigging:


If you’re in the market for cath lab equipment here are a few things to consider about your rig-in:


  1. Hire a company who has experience moving the medical imaging system you are installing. Don’t assume that the rigger who’s done a CT or MRI is automatically qualified to rig a cath lab system.


  1. Make sure to coordinate the opening of walls or other construction with the company delivering and rigging in the equipment. Communicating when and where the other contractors involved in your equipment install will be working is key to eliminating delays in your rigging.


  1. Hire companies that are insured to cover all potential damages to your facility and the imaging equipment you’ve just bought; expensive buildings, expensive machinery, expensive cath labs. Things will probably go smoothly, but anything can happen.


While the above list is certainly not exhaustive, it should move you in the right direction. If you could use some additional counsel, contact us and we’ll help you work through the details. Our project management team is here to help with your cath lab equipment installation, relocation, or removal.

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