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OEC 9800 Monitor Tip: How to Change the Screensaver Interval [Video]

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If you use an OEC 9800 C-arm, the tip below will go a long way toward helping prolong the life of your machine's CRT monitors.


The familiar circular field of view on a C-arm often becomes "burnt into" the glass of a monitor. Sometimes, even the facility name in the corner of the screen can become permanent, and believe us: when Hospital X buys a used c-arm from Hospital Y, the last thing they'll want to do is run out and replace the monitors. Resetting your screensaver interval eliminates unnecessary monitor wear when the C-arm is not in use and helps prevent burn-in.


Watch this video to learn how to reset your OEC 9800 monitor screensaver:


If you're already experiencing monitor burn-in, we can help:

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