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Top MRI Machine Articles

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If you're responsible for managing your facility's next MRI project, you are in luck. Here is a compilation of all the best articles to help you successfully plan the purchase, sale, service, repair and maintenance of your MRI machine:

MRI Price/Cost Info

MRI Machine Price and Cost Guide - A basic overview of the cost averages for all the major MRI models. Find out how much you can expect to pay for your next MRI machine.

MRI Suite Construction Costs - Learn the major factors to consider when planning the building and construction of a new MRI suite. Find out the estimated costs per square foot and the differences to account for when adding on to a hospital versus an outpatient facility.   

How Much is a Used MRI Machine Really Going to Cost? - Find out the additional costs that come up even AFTER you’ve negotiated that great used MRI deal.

How Much is My MRI Machine Worth? It’s Easier to Figure Out Than You Think - Learn the 4 most important details about your used MRI to help determine its value.

4 Basic Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pre-Owned MRI Scanner - Here are the 4 questions every used MRI buyer should ask before signing on the dotted line.


MRI Machine Comparison Info

Low Field Open MRI vs Closed MRI - Learn the major difference between the two types of MRI machines and details about the long term markets for each.

3T MRI vs 1.5T MRI - How do you know which one is best for your facility? This article should help.

Hitachi Airis II vs. Airis Elite - As Elites become more common in the used MRI market, buyers need help deciding between these Hitachi MRI models. This article addresses the top 3 factors to help you decide which is best for you.

Used MRI vs Refurbished MRI - Is MRI refurbishment necessary?  

A Case for Buying Used MRI Machines - Yes, a used MRI machine almost always more than meets your needs. Here's how you can be sure. 

Top 5 Rarest Used MRI Scanners (and Best Substitute MRI Machines) - Find out which MRI scanners are hardest to find on the used market and their most viable alternatives. 

Why GE MRI? The Factors Driving GE's Hold in the Secondary Market - Especially true in the US, this article explains why GE stands out in the nuts and bolts aspects of MRI ownership.


MRI Maintenance & Project Management

Top Four MRI Scanner Service Problems and Solutions - Our service team reveals how to resolve the 4 most common MRI machine issues they help facilities with on a regular basis.

Four Ways to Reduce Imaging Equipment Service Costs - When shopping around for a service agreement that fits your needs and your budget, utilize these four creative ways to reduce your service costs.

MRI Maintenance: How to Beat the MRI Helium Shortage - Wondering the best way to beat the helium shortage? It could be as simple as putting your MRI under a service contract.

MRI Helium Shortage Questions and Answers Find out when the helium shortage started, where all the helium is going and is anyone working on new helium sources.

OEM Service versus ISO Service - The pros and cons of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and ISOs (independent service organizations) when it comes to imaging equipment service. 

How to Move a Permanent Magnet MRI Machine… Safety First! - Removing and transporting a permanent MRI magnet requires very special provisions to protect people and equipment.

How Much Does it Cost to Rig an MRI? - A look at the biggest factors that play into costs associated with rigging an MRI.

MRI Shielding Preparations - Before you sign an MRI deal, make sure you take the steps identified in this article to ensure proper MRI shielding.

Choosing the Best Contractor for Your Medical Facility Construction - Partnering with the right contractor can make or break your imaging suite construction project. Here are 4 tips to help you choose (and successfully work with) the best contractor for your project.


MRI Coil Info

Advantages of Phased Array MRI Coils - Find out what “phased array” means and why you might you want to upgrade your MRI coils.

Budgeting Your MRI Coil Upgrade - Did you know you can improve image quality and lower scan times by upgrading your MRI coils?

What to Expect for MRI Coil Repairs - Instead of replacing your damaged MRI coil, you can have it repaired! Here's what to expect for repairs and turnaround time.

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