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An Inside Look at Block Imaging’s 2012

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It's been quite a year. As our team wraps up 2012, I want to take a moment to reflect and share some of the exciting and noteworthy events of the past year at Block Imaging and in the healthcare and imaging space at large.

While much of the below is focused on OUR team, I hope that it's helpful for those reading to get to know more about who we are. Without a doubt, our capabilities and the value we can bring are outstanding, but there's a whole lot more behind the work that we do.


My First Year as President

November 22nd marked one year from my father's formal announcement to transition into the Chairman role and extend to me the opportunity to begin leading and guiding the company that he had founded during my freshman year of high school. It's been a pleasure and an absolute honor to work alongside Jason Crawford, President of Block Imaging Parts & Service to make this an outstanding team to be a part of AND to do business with. 


2012 Focus Points

The following are four key areas that our team progressed in throughout the year:

1. Invest in People- We deeply desire to have a team that is growing and developing as people. Through books, videos, coaching, and other methods we’ve sought to help each member of our team become more equipped to navigate life.

2. Provide Noteworthy Customer Service - Our aim is for the people we work with on an equipment or parts project or provide with service support to look back on their experience and say, "wow," acknowledging that beyond being competent, this team of people cares about them and seeks to treat them as we'd like to be treated throughout each engagement.

3. Seize Opportunities - Each day our team is presented with dozens of systems. It's been our goal to purchase and inventory the very best solutions for our customers across all manufacturers and modalities.

4. Second Chance at Life - Our Vice President of Marketing, Krista Kotrla's story, was significant in shedding light on the power of imaging technology. Her experience shows that while refurbished equipment is an outstanding solution for the economic challenges that befall the healthcare community, a second chance for a piece of equipment also provides a second chance at life for patients around the world. 


Healthcare Reform

In June, Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote to uphold the Affordable Care Act. Our General Counsel, Adam Desjardin’s, article The Affordable Care Act and the Medical Imaging Equipment Market expresses a bit about the direct impact on equipment purchases, though the changes that will roll out in the months and years to come will continue to impact the way healthcare is delivered, compensated, and much of what lies in between. 


Company Retreat

Each summer, the Block Imaging International and Block Imaging Parts & Service teams come together for a two-day retreat to look at where we've been, where we are, and where our industry and customers are asking us to go. This year's highlight was a transition from our previous mission statement to a clearer, more concise guiding creed for the Block Companies: People Matter! That's it. From our team, to our customers, to patients, and the world at large, this organization exists because we believe that People Matter


Book Studies

Another highlight of 2012 has been studying several books that are powerful in both shaping people and our culture. We began with Leadership and Self-Deception, a powerful fable that speaks to how we see people and moved to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. We also covered the Speed of Trust, by Stephen Covey Jr. and just completed Patrick Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions of a Team.


New Headquarters

In November of 2011, we began the shift to our new 120,000 square foot headquarters. The Block Imaging Parts and Service team was first to transition to the new location, the engineering team was shortly behind, equipment relocation is in full swing, and the Block Imaging International team expects to fully transition in the 1st quarter of 2013. After many years in multiple Lansing, MI facilities, we are very excited to finally be under one roof.

If you haven't noticed I (and we) love people. As we leave 2012 behind and prepare for the surprises and opportunities 2013 holds we're blessed and thankful to be a part of an amazing industry that provides products and services that change the lives of loved ones around the world.


For a look at our new headquarters: