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Imaging Equipment Demos: What’s Involved?

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Hardly a week goes by where we’re not asked about demonstrating a piece of equipment. C-arms, mini c-arms, portable X-rays, ultrasounds; it’s like test driving a car, right?  Just throw on a dealer plate, Xerox your driver’s license, and feel the wind in your hair on the open road!  Well, not so much.  

So what does a demo really involve? 

Demos involve a significant amount of work and preparation that can be quite costly.  Whether those costs are borne by the customer or the supplier, it’s not cheap to refurbish, deliver, set-up, and provide FDA 2579 Documentation and service coverage (aka risk management) throughout the duration of the demonstration.  

To offset those costs while still offering buyers the chance to try equipment out before they commit to purchasing it, suppliers have developed some options. The following is a list of demo options, in order of the most commonly used:


Buy with the option to “reject” the system: 

A sales agreement is signed or a purchase order is issued for the system with a contingency to reject and return the system within a specified timeframe.  In many cases, there is a fee ($2,500-$5,000) for exercising the option to “return” the system. 


The rental approach: 

An initial term and monthly payment is agreed upon and the “renter” has the option to purchase with a portion of the rental, delivery, set-up and related service charges credited toward the purchase of the system. 


The free and clear demonstration:

This option brings the machine in question to a site and demonstrates its functions with no cost, risk, or commitment to buy associated. To say this option is rare would be an understatement.  As stated above, it’s expensive.  In many cases, the costs associated with a demonstration alone can cost as much as 3%-7% of the total purchase price. 


If there are other options you’ve used or been made aware of in the marketplace, we’d love to know about them.  If we can be of assistance in providing consultation on equipment that could/would/should be a great fit for your organization, please let us know.  We’re not bound by manufacturer and we're happy to share the benefits and drawbacks of each system candidly.  


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