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3 Tips to Simplify Imaging Equipment ISO State Registrations

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The end of the year is fast approaching and every independent service organization (ISO) knows exactly what they can expect for the holidays: a mailbox bombarded with “time to renew your registration” letters from all the states they’ve worked in! Hooray!

New fees may be announced or new regulations may have been implemented and registration will need to be done a little differently this time around. Who knows? It’s a Christmas surprise, but the fact remains that it has to be done. Here are some tips we’ve learned to help keep up with this lump of administrative coal.


Tip #1

Keep a spreadsheet of the states that you work in most, the dates your registrations in them will expire, and the fees you paid to register last year. This will help you budget for all the renewal costs you will be facing in December. When you get your renewal letter be sure to fact-check your spreadsheet and update it as needed.


Tip #2

If you are not sure you will be working in a state, don’t register there. You may have worked in Hawaii this year, but won’t set foot there next year. While it is true that you never know when or from where a service call will come, there are fifty states with fifty different sets of fees and requirements. The law of averages will need to come into play at some point. Our recommendation: file the renewal letter and hold off on registering until an opportunity presents itself. You should only fill out the form and cut the check if you actually need to.


Tip #3

In a way, state health departments say what our parents used to say: “While you’re under my roof, you’ll abide by my rules.” If you find yourself in need of additional forms, information, or assistance to comply with new changes to these rules, we’ve compiled the website information for every state into one easy document. It’s free and much less time-consuming than looking them up state-by-state.


We know the registration process can feel like a burden (especially when you’re gearing up for the holidays) but it is a must to keep up with. Build your organization a happier New Year by staying informed of each state’s regulations and planning carefully where you’ll take your expertise next. 

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