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Wheelchair Donations: Finding a Charity near You

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Sometimes it's difficult to know what to do with things you aren't using anymore. Some of them are so useful it would be a shame to simply throw them out, but the right place to donate them isn't obvious. If the thing you aren't using anymore happens to be a manual or motorized wheelchair, Block Imaging does not accept donations, but can point you in the right direction for help in your area. Check out our directory of non-profits collecting wheelchair donations below. We've included a menu of organizations by state, as well as links to some groups that work nationwide.

Where to Donate a Wheelchair

By State:

If your state is listed, just click on the link in the menu below will go directly to the organization’s web site.

For States Not Listed:

Contact any of these nation-wide organizations.


Chair Corps



NOTE: If you have trouble viewing any of the linked pages above, unblock pop-ups in your browser settings.

It may also be worth checking with local churches, hospitals, or assisted living/nursing homes. Even if there isn't a formal organization in your area, there may still be an opportunity to bring your old wheelchair out of retirement to help someone. Kudos to you for looking to pay it forward!