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Surgical C-Arm Rental Shipping Costs

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Do you really need expedited shipping for your c-arm rental?

Surgical facilities frequently rent c-arms from us when their in-house c-arm is out of commission. To help in these cases, we offer the option of expedited shipping to get the rental c-arm on site within a few days (depending on where you are in the US).

But, before you call all your patients and reschedule for later this week, we encourage you to consider the following as you decide if getting the c-arm within a few days is the best move for your site.

Expedited Shipping Defined

At Block Imaging, we define standard shipping as delivery within 7-10 business days. A delivery date scheduled sooner than this time frame is considered expedited shipping. Much the same as if you wanted an iPad tomorrow from an online provider, you would be charged an additional fee for the rush shipping. 

How Much Does It Cost and Why?

C-arm rental costs vary based on a few factors. How quickly do you need it? How far is your facility from our c-arm? Are you trying for weekend delivery? With these elements at play, expedited fees typically range from $3,000-$10,000. That’s a lot more than the rush shipping on your iPad.

Things to Consider When Choosing Expedited Shipping

What is your case load? Would the procedures you’d be performing be enough to both justify and offset the shipping cost? Depending on the nature of your practice, perhaps the patients could be rescheduled outside the 10-day delivery window of standard shipping.

It’s no surprise that expedited shipping comes at an additional cost. Whether your rental is weeks away or you need a “hot shot” C-arm delivery or because your other system is down, we’ll work together with you to make it happen! 

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