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A Case for Visiting RSNA Chicago

Posted by Jason Crawford

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Nov 27, 2012 9:30:00 AM

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RSNA ChicagoAs a refurbished imaging equipment company, we spend a lot of money on the RSNA annual meeting in Chicago. It represents the most substantial marketing expense we have each year. Many people are wowed and impressed by the booth and the team we have present every year.

We are big fans of RSNA Chicago and we think you should be too.

This show brings out the who's who of the medical imaging community. All the major players put their best foot forward and, in our opinion, the refurbished imaging community should be doing the same.

Not only is this the week each year when many people who are trying to make capital equipment decisions are together in one place, but the needs for creative solutions and alternative options for serving patients have never been greater.

On top of that, the outlook for 2013 suggests these needs will only increase. 

Our team’s week will be spent in meetings over opportunities large and small with people all over the world who need refurbished equipment, spare parts, and service contract options.

It will also be a time when we reconnect with the vendors and partners that we work with day-in and day-out through the year. While the expense is considerable, it pales in comparison to the value of all the meetings that take place and the expenses that would otherwise be required to make as many connections with imaging industry players. 

Our recommendation: be there!

We look forward to meeting you at our booth at RSNA Chicago 2013!



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Written by Jason Crawford

author of blog post

Jason Crawford is the President of Block Imaging Parts & Service. Aside from spending time with his wife and three children, Jason’s biggest interests involve anything that brings new insight on investing in people and building high-trust relationships. He believes that excellence in both of these areas can build the best team for delivering on the needs of customers.

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