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Why Should I Buy Service Coverage for My C-arm?

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When Block Imaging serves a customer on a C-arm purchase, we recommend that they also purchase a parts and labor service plan to protect their equipment. When we make this recommendation, we’re frequently asked why.

After all, C-arms don’t break that often, right? Why not just self-insure and pay for time and materials service calls as they arise?

While each scenario is different and warrants its own strategy, there are advantages to buying a C-arm service contract that bear further consideration.

benefits of c-arm service coverage

Mitigate The Cost of Parts

The industry median for one year of third-party C-arm coverage is around $10,000, or $833 per month. If one of your C-arm’s more costly components, like an image intensifier or X-ray tube, were to fail, the costs of that one service issue would most likely exceed the price of your entire year’s coverage. 

Preventative Maintenance

When your system is under contract with a service provider, it becomes in their best interest to keep the machine in top shape at all times. Preventative maintenance (PM) check-ups and replacements of less expensive parts are done proactively to eliminate small problems and keep them from becoming big ones. Time and materials service is often reactive, after a major issue has already arisen.

Convenient Features

A full-coverage service contract offers a number of features that save you time and money and afford you greater peace of mind. Things like assigned account staff, 24/7 coverage, and multi-year discounts simply don’t come with time and materials service.

There Are Always Options

If these reasons above aren't overly compelling to you, there are other service options that provide some protection at a lower cost. Parts-only, labor-only, and PM-only agreements are available to accommodate your unique budget and appetite for risk.

Given the potential parts and labor costs that come with equipment failure and the security that comes with regular maintenance, we recommend that every C-arm purchase also include some kind of service coverage.  If you need more information on service options, please contact us. We’re here to help you maintain your C-arm uptime and deliver quality care to your patients.

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