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How Much Does a PET/CT Scanner Cost? 2012/2013 Update

Posted by Josh Nunez

Oct 15, 2012 11:48:00 AM

PET/CT Prices 2012

See the 2015 price updates here!

Since writing a version of this article originally in October 2011, I am still asked on a weekly basis, "How much does a PET/CT cost?" So it’s time for an update! The answer still depends on a number of things, but the single most determinative factor is the number of slices the CT has. 

As I said last year, “more slices, more money”. While that has not changed, several market conditions have, including pricing and availability.  


Single and 2 Slice

If you are on a budget, then a Siemens Biograph Single or DUO is a great option in the $100,000 - $175,000 range with a 1st scan warranty. 


4-16 Slice

The sweet spot on the market now is 4 - 16 slice scanners. Equipment is now available for budgets between $250,000 and $600,000.  40 and 64 slice systems are just starting to tease the open market and pricing is at a premium.

The GE Discovery LS4 will be in the $250,000 - $425,000 range, depending on options and condition, while a GE Discovery LS 16 or Siemens Biograph 16 will range from $525,000 - $600,000 with a 1st scan warranty.

The Biograph 6 and the GE Discovery LS8 are quite rare, but for different reasons.  The Biograph 6 is a very robust system and popular in a mobile application – their owners tend to hold on to them longer.  On the other hand, few GE Discovery LS8s were sold as the Discovery LS16 was released relatively quickly afterward.


2012/2013 Availability

The biggest change this year is the increasing availability of GE Discovery ST systems and Philips 16 slice systems. The STs are available in 4, 8, and 16 slice varieties and are compelling for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which are their mobile compatibility and standard-issue Dimension Consoles (see our article on the Discovery PET/CT family for more information).

Philips has a narrow market share in PET/CT, but with a recent supply increase, pricing has become quite affordable.


PET/CT Service

There’s still good news relative to service: no matter which manufacturer of PET/CT you choose, quality service is readily available.  


If you would like to know more about PET/CT equipment, pricing, service options, or replacement parts, we're here to help.



Written by Josh Nunez


Josh Nunez is the Product Manager for Molecular Imaging Equipment at Block Imaging. He is also a husband, father of 5, athlete, and literature and photography buff. Josh is energized by developing an understanding of each customer’s unique imaging needs and overcoming the challenge of helping find them the perfect equipment match.


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