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Should I Buy New Glassware for My Refurbished C-Arm?

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I know all you refurbished C-arm buyers are urbane and articulate people, so you’ll have to excuse my language butchery, but, if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it! I’m sure you’ve heard the line before in regards to everything from your car to your laptop. You’ve probably even used it yourself to defend your record player as your children roll their eyes and scroll through hundreds of digital albums on tiny 4-inch screens. Now it’s our turn to use it as we discuss the glassware in your refurbished OEC C-arm.

If you’re shopping the secondary market for a refurbished OEC c-arm, here are some points to consider before you add new glassware to the tab:


1. Are you buying service coverage?

If you buy c-arm service coverage from Block Imaging, glassware is fully covered. If something should happen to the tube, its replacement would fall under the terms of your coverage plan. If you should opt to purchase service elsewhere, be sure to check your service terms for glassware coverage.

2. Testing

Any C-arm vendor worth their salt tests the glassware of their refurbished systems thoroughly before the system leaves their warehouse. This is not to say that things can’t happen during shipping and handling but, generally speaking, your used x-ray tube should arrive in the same working order your vendor’s engineer left it in.

 3. Relative dollars

Especially in older OEC models like the 9400 and 9600, the cost of replacement glassware is relatively low compared to the overall cost of the unit. If the funds to purchase a new tube are available up front, a better option may be to use that same money toward the purchase of service coverage as opposed to new individual parts.

4. Durability

To put it succinctly, OEC glassware seldom fails. Their x-ray tubes are durable and problems perceived as “tube problems” are frequently caused by other, less expensive parts. It’s not uncommon for OEC 9400s to have their original 1980’s tubes still running today.

5. Movin’ on up

If you’re buying an older OEC model, take this one to heart. If business takes off with a 9400 or a 9600, chances are you’ll be ready to trade in and trade up in two or three years. The money you may have otherwise spent on putting new glassware on your refurbished purchase would make excellent seed money toward your future upgrade.

Ultimately, the choice to buy or not buy new glassware falls to you. Most vendors will be happy to quote you on one, but in our opinion, given the testing, durability, and reasonable pricing available for OEC tubes, those dollars are better spent on holistic coverage for the entire unit or your next C-arm.

If you have more questions on glassware, service coverage, or C-arms in general, feel free to contact us or download our free C-arm buyer's guide.

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