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Block Imaging Joins Sparrow’s Women Working Wonders 5k/8k/0k

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Block Imaging Team at Sparrow W3 5K


Last Sunday morning, a team of 49 Block Imaging team members, family members, and friends (including this author) had the honor of participating with 700+ other runners, walkers, and donors in Sparrow Health System’s Women Working Wonders 8k/5k/0k race. The event raised funds to support equipment and resources aimed at improving the health of women in the Greater Lansing area. It was a beautiful day for a run and a great opportunity to achieve something good through some healthy competition.


Most notable among the runners from the Block Imaging family were Anthony Nunez (4th place overall in the 5k), Ben Rentz (7th place overall in the 5k) and Trevor Watson, Laura Beard, and Rebecca McAndrews, the only 3 of 49 brave enough to tackle the 8k course. Block Company presidents Josh Block and Jason Crawford finished 28th and 26th, respectively, in the 5k.


Least notably, in the “Female 25-29” category (through a clerical error and, likely, my gender-neutral first name) I dragged myself across the 5k finish line, completely gassed and regretting my fondness for pork products and comfortable furniture.


The Women Working Wonders program has already raised over one million dollars to help improve the health of Mid-Michigan women. Block Imaging is pleased and proud to have been a part of increasing that funding. We look forward to running the race again next year, with a bigger team and even better finishing times!


Watch the video below for comments on the event from Block Imaging Parts & Service president, Jason Crawford: