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Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy a Used CT Scanner

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Have you ever heard the famous song lyrics, “My mama told me, ‘You’d better shop around’”? That’s good advice, but what if you walked into the nearest mall with no clue what you were intending to buy? You could end up walking in circles long enough to triple the stock on bunion pads. Not knowing what you’re after before you hit the market can be a marathon exercise in time-wasting.

With so many manufacturers, models, software packages, and price points, it’s important to figure out what you really need BEFORE you start shopping seriously in the used CT scanner market.

Below are some questions you should ask your doctors and imaging techs. Having these answered in advance will help narrow the field and target your search for the right CT scanner more productively.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used CT

Questions to Ask BEFORE You Buy a Used CT Scanner Video


These questions are not the definitive list of things you’ll eventually need to know or ask your CT dealer (or your CT service provider), but they are a springboard into the first round of decision-making. Knowing the answers to them in advance will shorten the sales cycle and keep you on target to meet your timeline goals.

Don’t wander the market aimlessly! Touch base with your doctors, your techs, and your accountants first to get the most out of your CT scanner search time.