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GE CT Scanners: HiSpeed CT/e Dual vs. ProSpeed FII

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“I’m looking for a GE CT Scanner,” you say. “A used machine, dual-slice, made in the mid-to-late 2000s.”

“That’s very doable,” we say. “Go on.”

“I’ve narrowed my search down to two models; the GE Hispeed CT/e Dual and the GE ProSpeed FII. Can you tell me which one is better?”

We have conversations in this vein a whole lot, and the news we have to break every time this question comes up is this: You’ve been a victim of international branding confusion. Neither the HiSpeed Dual nor the ProSpeed FII is superior to the other because they are essentially the same CT, with only two differences.

The main difference is the label on the gantry. The HiSpeed CT/e Dual is the name for this CT scanner when it is sold in the US or Europe. The moniker “ProSpeed FII” is a rebranding for the unit when sold in Asia.

The other difference between the two is the years of manufacture. After sales of the HiSpeed Dual were discontinued in the US, GE continued to make and sell the machine under the ProSpeed FII label for Asian markets as late as 2008.

Regardless of these differences, under either name, you’ll find the following features:


  • 65 cm bore (uses an x-ray dose up to 33% lower than its 70 cm counterparts with no image quality loss)

  • 2.0 MHU tube

  • 24kW generator

  • +/- 20 degree tilting gantry

  • Solid state (HiLight) detectors

  • One-second rotation


So, after we’ve broken this news to prospective dual-slice CT buyers, the next question is generally, “Do you have either of them in stock?”

At the time this article is being written, our answer would be, “Actually, we have both of them in stock.”

If you’re in the market for a dual-slice CT, now is a great time to buy. Contact us soon to start up your own conversation.

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