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What’s Happening with CT Scanner Pricing?

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CT Scanner Pricing

Remember the first time you went skiing? Or maybe the first hill of your first big roller coaster? That feeling at the back of your throat; the one where you want to scream but you can’t? 

That’s sort of what CT scanner dealers have been feeling lately. 

CT demand and, subsequently, prices have dropped dramatically over the past 6 months, particularly for higher end equipment. A combination of events has led to this. The foremost include:

  • Fear of the unknown in the future of U.S. imaging
  • Financing issues brought on by economic instability
  • Value of the dollar vs. other leading world currencies
  • Lower OEM pricing

What does this mean for the CT scanner market?

Equipment that has typically been popular in the USA is much cheaper due to decreased demand. For example, a GE 16-slice CT will cost about $40,000 less than it did a few months ago.  However, the more dramatic shift is in the 64-slice market. Since most facilities don't NEED a 64-slice unless they're doing cardiac studies or have a high patient volume, the majority are settling with bread-and-butter 16-slice units, driving the price of higher slice-count units even lower. 

What people are learning is this: Having a 64-slice you don't need is like driving an SUV in Miami; save some gas money with a Honda Fit and let us northerners buy the SUVs we need to make it home in the snow!

What does this mean for me?

If you’re considering an upgrade now is an incredible time to do so (especially if you have an 8-slice or lower). Equipment pricing is between peaks and those higher slice systems have become increasingly affordable. Keep in mind however, late model equipment comes and goes quickly, so do your homework in advance so you can act when needed. 

There may also be savings available to you after the install of your upgrade. If you haven't checked up on your service costs lately, now is the time. With decreased demand from buyers comes increased competition among sellers. You could be giving money away if you haven't shopped your service provider's price in the last 3 years. 

If you’d like to know more about the current CT scanner pricing “valley”, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to provide you with quotes on refurbished CT scanners and service contracts as well as valuations and logistics for your existing equipment.
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