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C-Arm Shipment: What to Expect

Posted by Kylie Dishaw

Aug 11, 2016 9:30:00 AM

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C-Arm_Shipping.jpgHaving moved hundreds of pieces of medical imaging equipment all over the world, our project management (PM) team has strived through the years to overcome many obstacles. For C-arms, the job can frequently be perceived as simple... I mean, it’s only two pieces of machinery right? Well, unfortunately, as we've said around the office before “FedEx doesn't make a C-arm sized envelope”.

To help you manage your expectations for the transport of your future C-arm equipment, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about shipping when you purchase, lease, or rent a C-arm from Block Imaging.

How will my system ship?

The two most common methods used to ship a C-arm are vanline trucking and ocean freight. The vanline method is preferred for domestic shipments and the ocean method for international.

Vanline shipping generally entails carefully wrapping and padding the C-arm and strapping it securely into a truck equipped with Air-Ride suspension. In the event a buyer chooses expedited shipping, the system will be crated for safety as it will ship on the first available truck, regardless of the presence or absence of Air-Ride suspension.

Ocean shipping is more involved and requires that the C-arm be secured in a custom crate like the one pictured below before being sealed in a container and loaded on a ship.

II_Brace_in_Crate.jpg      C-Arm_Vapor_Barrier.jpg


How long will it take to ship my C-arm?

Each shipping method has its own time spread. After pick up, standard vanline shipment will take between seven and ten business days. If the option to expedite is chosen, this timeframe can be shortened to two to three business days for an additional fee.

Shipping your C-arm via ocean freight can take 15 to 45 days after pick up, depending on how far the system needs to sail.

How much will shipping cost?

The amount you pay to ship your C-arm will depend on a number of variables. Below are the average costs related to each variable. Keep in mind that these prices reflect the ballpark average rates Block Imaging is able to obtain on your behalf due to our high frequency and volume with our preferred shipping providers.

Standard Vanline Shipment (continental U.S.): $750 - $900

Expedited LTL Shipment: $1,600 - $1,900

Ocean Freight: $1,900 - $3,000

Crating (if crate will return- domestic only): $350

Crating (if site keeps crate): $1,500 (domestic style) - $1,800 (ocean style w/vapor barrier)

Return Crate Shipping: $500 - $600

There are also some costs related to whether or not your facility can receive a crated system. A facility with a truck-height loading dock or a dock lift won't incur these costs. On the other hand, a facility that requires ground-level delivery and/or uncrating before the system can be wheeled into the facility can expect to spend approximately $500 to secure a lift gate-equipped delivery truck and the labor required to disassemble the crate and remove the C-arm.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you'll need to uncrate the C-arm outside your facility, be aware of the typical dimensions of the crates below:

C-Arm Mainframe Crate: 85" x 41" x 77", 1,067 lbs.

Monitor Cart Crate: 31" x 31" x 69", 530 lbs.

Need to know more?

While C-arms are far from the largest imaging systems we move around the world, shipping them still comes with its fair share of nuances and caveats. While the numbers above can give you a frame of reference for what you might spend on transporting your C-arm, every scenario is a little different, If you have questions about your specific costs, don't hesitate to contact us with the button below to get help with an answer.

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Written by Kylie Dishaw

author of blog post

Kylie Dishaw is the Product Support Team Lead at Block Imaging. Her goal is to create smooth and seamless transactions for every equipment buyer she serves. When she’s not serving the imaging field, Kylie enjoys family time with her husband and children, archery, and watching college football.

Topics: C-Arm, Imaging Equipment Project Management

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