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What to Expect for Your C-Arm Machine Shipment

Posted by Block Imaging

Jul 12, 2012 9:07:00 AM

c arm shipmentHaving seen and heard some of the most hideous shipping stories known to man, our Project Management (PM) team has strived through the years to overcome many of the obstacles that we face in Logistics. In the C-Arm world, my job can sometimes be pretty easy… I mean, it’s only two pieces of machinery right? Well, unfortunately, as we say around the ranch here, “They don’t make a C-arm-sized FedEx envelope”.

Managing the actual transport of imaging equipment and managing a client’s expectations can leave a PM sandwiched in between two very different realities. Here’s a quick crash course in what to expect when you purchase, lease or rent a C-Arm from Block Imaging …

What’s Your Preferred Method of Transport?

Over the years, we’ve gone through 1 or 2 shipping vendors ;-) and narrowed our pool of trusted shipping companies down to a handful. Our typical and preferred method of shipping domestically is Vanline. The white glove treatment we receive from these folks is just like shipping your great, great grandfather’s antique chest across the country: trusted and safe.

How Long Does it Take to Ship a C-Arm?

Depending on where you are in the world, shipping a C-Arm can take as long as two days to four weeks. For the domestic US, vanline transit as mentioned above, is generally a 7-10 day lead time. If you need faster service, systems can be crated for LTL and delivered within 2-4 days. C-Arms can also be shipped via air! We can fly your unit to you, generally for well under $10,000.00, if you’re a big spender. As with all other modalities, we can also ship via ocean which can take anywhere from 15-45 days.

What Should I Expect from the Driver/Carrier?

This really only applies to our domestic clients receiving systems directly on-site. While many of the drivers are familiar with our equipment, THEY ARE NOT ENGINEERS OR TECHS! A driver’s responsibility ends about 200ft from their truck. Should you need installation, set-up, or training, please discuss this beforehand with your sales person. It is also helpful to inform your PM of your site’s receiving capabilities; i.e. loading dock or inside/ground delivery which requires a lift-gate.

What To Do When You Receive the C-Arm

Hopefully you’ve already arranged or negotiated this portion with your Block Imaging sales representative. The thing you SHOULD do FIRST is check the system over for visible damage BEFORE the driver leaves your facility. Please note any damages on the bill of lading they provide you and then inform your Block PM as soon as possible. An in-house tech or hired engineer should be responsible for proper installation, but you can absolutely plug the unit in to get the batteries charging.

How Much Does it Cost?

Here are a few averages that will help you gauge what’s best for both your timeline and budget

  • Vanline: $500-$1,200 (based on location)
  • LTL: $200-$800 (based on location)
  • Air shipping: $3,000-$10,000 (based on location)
  • Ocean Shipping: $2500-$5,000 (based on location)

Pretty straightforward, huh? Even so, it’s important to remember that the circumstances above are what can be counted on MOST of the time. As with any process, extenuating circumstances and unique challenges will emerge from time-to-time, but when they do, the Block Imaging sales and PM teams are on-hand to step in with the assist. So, if you’re looking for a complete turnkey quote on a used or refurbished C-Arm, please feel free to reach out! CHALLENGE US!

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