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Dr. Steven Shephard: Delivering Health & Hope to the People of Nigeria

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Shephards in Nigeria

For our most loyal blog followers it should (hopefully) come as no surprise that we, as a company, care about people- our team, our families, friends, customers, patients, and folks around the world whom we’ve never met. We recognize that life’s basics; food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, mustn’t be taken for granted, let alone cell phones, GPS, climate-controlled homes and cars, pharmaceuticals; the list of life-improving amenities goes on.

Out of this recognition we feel compelled to give from our abundance so that those who have little may see their fundamental needs met.

Delivering Health and Hope

Last summer, Dr. Steven and Kari Jo Shephard relocated with their three sons to serve the community of Jos, Nigeria. Amidst a country riddled with war and turmoil, the Shephards are giving of themselves to offer Nigerian mothers outstanding prenatal care as they prepare to deliver their little ones. Through their efforts, the Shephards help ensure the health of Nigeria’s children and young women at their most vulnerable stages. Their goal... "Delivering Health and Hope"... how awesome is that?


Dr. Shephard Ultrasound Shephards with Patients


Through a partnership with Keith Rubenstein of MedPro Imaging, Block Imaging was able to contribute to the Shephards’ life-altering commitment by providing an ultrasound system and autoclave to assist in their service.

We’d like to extend a most genuine thank you to the Shephard family and our friends at MedPro for recognizing that people matter.     

If you have a story that you’d like to share about people in our industry who are making ways for others to live healthier, longer, and more pain-free lives, we’d love to hear it.

Click to learn more about the Shephards and their work with the people of Nigeria.


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