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GE Advantx R/F Room Comparison

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So, you're in the market for a fluoroscopy room. You want the technology of the latest and greatest GE Precision 500D but perhaps you don't have the budget, or perhaps there are none immediately available on the refurbished market. There’s good news: there is a good middle ground option for you with the Infimed Digital Upgrade for GE Advantx R/F rooms.

We've already published a comparison article on the differences between the Legacy and the Precision 500D. Today we're going to add a third category with the upgrade package that bridges the gap between value and technology.

Before we jump right to our handy-dandy comparison chart, let’s do a quick overview of what the Infimed system is. The Infimed i5 is a brand-new digital imaging upgrade that is being paired with the workhorse GE Advantx R/F room. All the analog components of the fluoroscopy imaging chain have been replaced with new digital components that come with new workstations and a variety of software options.


Advantages of GE Advantx with Infimed Upgrade Include:

  •  Lower total cost to upgrade existing Advantx or to purchase an upgraded Advantx
  • Lower cost of parts ($4,000 to replace an Infimed workstation vs. $40-50,000 to replace a Precision 500D workstation)

  • Windows-based platform for a more intuitive feel and a smaller learning curve for the technicians who use it. It also means that more people can service it, work on it, and troubleshoot it.

  • Remote diagnostics and actual remote desktop repairs via third-party service organization, as opposed to the GE products where only GE has the ability to remote access your system and is only capable of diagnosis and NOT repair.

  • Elimination of the live cine bottleneck and lengthy wait times as big files are transferred to PACS (Speech Pathologists, you know all about this hassle).

  • Optional software upgrade allows for integration of flat-panel digital rad detectors into an existing i5 console.


And now, the proverbial “meat and potatoes” of this three-way comparison...

GE Advantx Comparison


GE Legacy vs GE Advantx w/Infimed Upgrade vs GE P500D


Feature GE Legacy GE Advantx with Infimed Upgrade GE P500D 
Table Side Control  X  X  X
Table Tilting Options   X  X  X
Digital Imaging Chain  X  X  X
DICOM- Worklist, Send, Print  X  X  X
Automatic Brightness System   X  X  X
Generator Sizes: 80kW or 100 kW   X  X  X
Virtual Collimation for Dose Reduction  X  X  X
Remote Online Center   X  X  X
Digital Spot Film Device   X  X  X
Overhead Tube Hanger  X  X  X
Image Intensifier: 12" & 16"   X  12" & 9" only  X
Image Intensifier: 9"   X 12" & 9" only  X
Analog CCD Camera: 512 x 512 resolution   X    
12 Bit CCD Camera: 1024 x 1024 resolution     X  X
AEC   X  X  X
Patient Procedures Direct From PACS     X  X
Touchscreen Workstation     X  X


Beyond all the details discussed above, the other hot topic is, of course, price. The initial acquisition price on an Infimed-upgraded GE Advantx will be much lower than a Precision 500D, but probably slightly more than on a GE Legacy. 

There are certainly gives and takes to both. Even with the advantages of the Infimed upgrade, an Advantx is not identical to a 500D in every respect. Finding the right system for your facility will definitely involve more considerations than can be discussed in a single article, but hopefully this information has helped shed some light on what is a very important decision for the future of any imaging practice.

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