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What Is a First Scan Warranty for Imaging Equipment?

Posted by Josh Block

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Jun 28, 2012 11:12:00 AM

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First Scan Warranty

If you’re unsure of what medical imaging equipment vendors mean when they say “First Scan Warranty,” allow me to break it down with an analogy the gourmand in all of us can relate to:

A couple weeks back, after landing in Tampa, my wife and I visited a place called “Sweet Tomatoes” on our way to our resort. Sweet Tomatoes is a salad bar buffet; dozens of dressings, copious croutons, and various vegetables I couldn’t even name if I tried. There were dozens of options, everything I could ever want on a salad, AND it came with a drink, all for $8.99!

But what if I only wanted a glass of water? What if I pounded a Diet Pepsi after I got off the plane? What if I was on a tighter budget and the extra $1.50 I would have to pay for the drink was a deal-breaker? Perhaps it would behoove these salad peddlers to offer me some other options.

The same is true of warranty purchases. In the field of medical imaging equipment, a First Scan Warranty is one such option that helps buyers get an actual feel for the equipment and warranty costs by separating them out. Some vendors will deeply reduce the price of the equipment with long term service agreements or even require that you purchase with a one-year warranty. While this coverage certainly provides added protection, we want you to have all the information you need to make a great decision. For those with Biomed departments, who own or have access to deeply discounted parts, or can offer any of a myriad of other reasons, we offer you pricing with a first scan warranty – a commitment to install and calibrate such that the system meets or exceeds OEM specifications for image quality, cosmetic appearance and overall performance. Essentially, it’s a guarantee to assume responsibility for your equipment until the point of its first patient scan. Is it the best option for every person or system? Of course not, just like that tangly purple stuff that’s next to the other lettuce (I think the foodies call it “radicchio”) but, it’s a tool we offer to ensure you’re getting the best equipment AND service solution for your facility.  

In many cases with larger modalities (MRI, CT, PET/CT, Interventional, etc.), a long term agreement allows for the abating of risk and economization, fully justifying the additional cost. However, there are also a whole host of scenarios (generally budget-driven) where a less costly first scan or short-term warranty might make more sense. 

While a first scan warranty may not be what you choose in the end (like that frosty glass of Cherry Coke), it’s often a great place to start as you consider the real cost to purchase and have a system installed and functional at your location. But, regardless of the ingredients you ultimately go for, we’re here to serve and provide you with the most creative and best solutions to accomplish your goals and offer patients a second chance at life.

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Written by Josh Block

author of blog post

Josh Block is the President of Block Imaging. He is also a husband, father of two, and self-proclaimed waffle chef. As a part of the second generation of Blocks to lead Block Imaging, Josh carries on the family passion for putting people first, delivering memorable service, and improving lives all over the world by empowering medical care providers with high-quality equipment.

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